Damp in the home is best summed up as water or moisture getting in where it should not be.!

Moulds will grow when provided with moisture and nutrients. High moisture levels can be the result of water coming in from the outside, through the floor, walls or roof; or from plumbing leaks; or moisture produced by the people living in the home, daily activities like bathing, washing clothes or cooking.

Anti-Mould Wall & Ceiling Paint

Description: Long lasting protection against mould & mildew formations in interior areas. White, solvent free and can be tinted.

 Areas of use: Suitable for use on paintable wallpaper, existing dispersion paints, Styrofoam ceiling panels, plasterboard, plaster, concrete, stone and other similar wall & ceiling materials. Existing mould and mildew must be removed prior to painting.

 Pre-tratment: Remove any existing growth using MouldX Mould Remover. Use MouldX Repair Filler for any necessary repair work. Surfaces with residual moisture or stains can be treated with MouldX Stain Block. The surface must be stable, dry and free from dust, grease and other separating agents prior to painting.

 Application: Apply with a brush or roller. As a base coat, the paint can be thinned with up to 10% water. Before applying the cover coat, make sure the base coat is completely dry. This will be approximately 6-8 hours depending on the room temperature, humidity and absorbency of the surface. MouldX Paint can be tinted with with up to 5% full-tone and tinting paint or up to a maximum of 0.2% tinting concentrate.

 Important: Do not use when the ambient or surface temperatures are below 5ºC. Clean tools immediately after use with water. Protect from frost.

 Ingredients: 5-15% oxygen –based bleach 5% nonionic tensides, phosphonate, Ready-to-use disinfection agent Per 100g: 11g hydrogen peroxide BauA-Reg.Nr.: N-32695

  Coverage: 4-5m² per 750ml Expiry date: See printed date.